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Sail Through New England’s Maritime History in St. Croix Aboard The S/V Roseway

Even among the many uniquely uncommon sailing experiences one can enjoy throughout the Caribbean, riding the waves aboard the S/V Roseway stands out… especially if you’re from New England.

The 137-foot beauty was launched all the way back in 1925, so you can well imagine the strong sense of history oozing from her wooden hull.

Like the Friendship Rose down in Bequia, the Roseway was built to work, distinguishing herself as one history’s most legendary fishing vessels in 1934 when she pulled in a record catch of 74 swordfish… in one day!

Fishing, though, was more of a side gig for Roseway. Her true purpose was to race, specifically in contests pitting fishing vessels in the Halifax area of Nova Scotia against those based in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

(More on the history of the S/V Roseway here.)

Roseway’s legend may have been built very far from the warm waters of the Caribbean, but these days you can live it in the seas surrounding St. Croix.

Since 2006, the 90 year-old vessel has spent her winters in my home island. World Ocean School, a non-profit educational organization headquartered in Boston that acquired the Roseway in 2002, offers a series of programs benefiting the island’s school kids.

At the same time, afternoon and sunset sails are available to anyone with a desire for a little sailing adventure and $50. (The price drops to $40 for kids under 12 and seniors 65 and up). Charter opportunities are available as well.

For more information on sailing aboard the S/V Roseway, visit her online.

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