🇻🇮St. Thomas

Leaping Into Coconut Bay at Hans Lollik Island, St. Thomas

Of all the beaches that line the shores of the 70+ islands that comprise the U.S. Virgin Islands, Coconut Bay is most surely among the prettiest. You’ll find it stretching along the southern end of Hans Lollik Island, which sits about 1.5 miles off the north coast of St. Thomas. The island is privately owned, though that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the beach, of course. (All beaches in the USVI are public property.) To get here, we HIGHLY recommend hooking up with our friend, Captain Thomas, of See & Ski Powerboat Rentals. Believe me, once you get here, you’ll want to make like this bikini-clad beauty and leap right in.

Wish you were here…?

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