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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Uncommon St. Thomas

Let’s get something straight right from the top: Steve and I were born and raised in St. Croix. We are Crucians, which is to say that in the view of many of our fellow Virgin Islanders, we are all things very different than anything in, from, and/or about St. Thomas. This reality of our origins brings with it a certain, let’s say… “perception” of our sister island. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could uncover a truly uncommon St. Thomas.

Yes, Steve has mentioned this harsh reality before, but for me the whole sister island sibling rivalry thing went beyond long-held sociocultural hangups and envy. For me, it was personal. You see, I’d never had fun on St. Thomas.

During my high school years, the mere act of stepping foot on the island was fraught with the very real prospect of physical repercussions from rival Thomian teens. Even as a grownup, I’ve continued to stay away—reducing Rock City to nothing more than a stepping stone to get to/from St. John as quickly as possible.

So, as we embarked on our recent St. Thomas/St. John adventure, I couldn’t help but feel apprehensive. I kept thinking: How could I ever come to love St. Thomas?

Well, it took something that I think we can all agree is in short supply these days: an open mind… That and some rum, and a boat, and great food, and welcoming St. Thomians, and, I mean, you get the idea. St. Thomas really delivered.

Now, If you’re anything like I was before this past trip, and you can’t see past the images in your head of huge cruise ships carting masses of humanity to overcrowded beaches, well, I don’t blame you. I may not have believed it without seeing it with my own eyes!

So for any doubters out there, please allow me to shatter any negative views you may have of St. Thomas with a little video we put together of our trip back in May. You might just fall in love an uncommon St. Thomas you never knew existed! Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

How I Learned to Love St. Thomas — May 2018

Seriously, how could I have let a black cloud hang for so long over what I now see to be such a stellar destination? Yes, St. Thomas has a reputation as a tourist trap, but that does not have to be your experience.

St. Thomas has hidden beaches, authentic local food (on wheels!),  wonderful people, immaculate nature, quiet places, and parties packed with friendly local people. From Charlotte Amalie to Neltjeberg Bay Beach and beyond, St. Thomas has so much of what we love here at Uncommon Caribbean that, even at the expense of losing my Crucian Card™, I must admit:

I. Love. St. Thomas.

See you in uncommon St. Thomas!

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