On-Site Tobago: Thrifty Offers Rental Cars & More…

Steve Bennett

Uncommon Caribbean usually prefers to rent cars from local Caribbean operators. Prices tend to be a bit lower, there’s a lot less paperwork, and owners are often more knowledgeable about their islands’ special secrets.

In Tobago last week, though, all the local operators were booked-up in advance of the Easter holiday weekend. Reluctantly, we trudged over to Thrifty Car Rental, where we met with a few surprises.

The paperwork was minimal; the service, friendly and efficient. The nicest surprise, of course, is pictured above: a sweet keychain bottle opener  to accompany our car key, and help us enjoy some Carib.

Like a lot of West Indian men, I always keep a bottle opener with my keys. Sometimes I even add one to rental car keychains when traveling, so for me this was a nice touch.

I’m sure that Thrifty in Tobago isn’t the only car rental company in the Caribbean with bottle opener keychains. If you know of any others, let us know so we can check them out.

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