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Ultimate Unplugging on Pine Cay, Turks & Caicos: Photo of the Day

From sundown tomorrow, March 7th, to sundown on March 8th, a good group of well-meaning folks will turn off, tune out, and drop anything and everything with an on/off switch as part of the annual National Day of Unplugging. The movement, which lists as its motto “Slowing Down Lives Since 2010,” calls upon all of us to eschew technology in all its various manifestations for a solid 24 hours, effectively reinvigorating humanity with a bit more, err, humanity.

Why we need such contrived national days is beyond me, especially when the Caribbean offers oh-so-many places where unplugging just comes naturally. Exhibit A: The Meridian Club on Pine Cay.

This petite private island, and in particular the photo above that I snapped there a couple summers ago, immediately sprang to mind when I heard of tomorrow’s time out from tech . It was my first evening on the island, the sun slowly settling into an absolutely placid expanse of sea just off the Meridian Club’s powder-soft sandy shores.

The pair of chairs, the fading light, a cool breeze, gently lapping waves – all ganged up to mock my solitude. Another exotic trip without the wife. Another secluded and impossibly romantic spot. Another episode of the frustrated lonely traveler…

Only here, the script was a little different. The Meridian Club is not only ideally-suited for unplugging, they essentially compel you to do so.

Cell phones are a no-no in and around the property. There are no TV’s either, and what precious little Internet that is available isn’t fast enough to meet the needs of most webheads these days.

In place of all that tech, The Meridian Club offers peace, quiet, and sublime spots like the one I stumbled upon above; spots where you can just sit and soak up stunning seascapes without a care in the world.

Yeah, I was alone, but that was okay here, the therapeutically meditative environs gently reintroducing me to myself way better than I could with the help of our old friend, technology.

So yeah, celebrate National Day of Unplugging starting tomorrow night as you will, but just know that you can always log off at your leisure – special day or not, alone or attached – in this secluded corner of the Turks & Caicos.

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