Festival Del Mar Anguilla

Easter Is Sweeter At Annual Festival Del Mar Anguilla

In a place like Anguilla, where boat racing is the national sport, you can well imagine that the best parties have some connection to the sea. So is most certainly the case with the annual Festival Del Mar Anguilla.

Held each year over Easter Weekend along the shores of the usually quiet fishing village of Island Harbour, the fete celebrates all things tied to the sea.

A deep sea fishing competition, swimming races, crab races, and boat races (of course) highlight two full days of fun. A culinary competition is also part of the festivities, enabling partygoers to sample the best of les fruits de mer as well.

Take a look…

Looks like a great way to experience a nice slice of authentic Anguillan culture, food, and music, all while mixing and mingling with the warm and friendly people of this very special island.

What’s not to love?

Be sure to check out the Festival Del Mar Anguilla Facebook page for more details.

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