Top 3, Well Maybe 4, Best Dive Sites in Aruba

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When most people think of Aruba, they don’t think much about scuba diving. I know I don’t, but then again I’m just starting to dip my toe into the world of scuba fun (more on that next week). It’s true there are tons of great pursuits to, umm, pursue on Aruba’s decidedly dry land, but I’ve learned recently that the island’s undersea treasures are worth checking out as well. Here’s a rundown and some helpful tips on a few of Aruba’s choice dive sites as described to me by some of our new dive buddies in the land of bon bini…

Shallow Reef is located in the northwestern corner of Aruba and is a great spot for advanced and expert divers. Because it is very close to the tip of the island the currents can be very strong. Swim out and you will be able to see brilliant areas of brightly colored coral and several varieties of tropical fish.

You won’t see very many tourists at the Jane Sea Wreck. Sitting almost 90 feet underwater, the huge 250 foot concrete freighter is only for advanced divers because of the depth and strong currents. If you are up for the challenge it’s well worth it as the freighter faces a coral reef and has huge cargo holds that are ready to explore. Swim amongst the angelfish and perhaps you will catch a glimpse of a barracuda or a manta ray.

John (star5112) via flickr

The south side of the island is the place to go if you want to go to avoid crowds. Cabez Reef, also recommended for experienced divers, teems with barracudas, rainbow runners, amber jacks and stingrays.

Just southeast from Cabez Reef, and a few miles out is Serito Pinnacle. This beautiful spot is one of the best kept secrets among the local diving community. Those in the know keep it to themselves. There are few opportunities each year to get out to Serito and that is by private charter. The beauty of the reef remains unspoiled and is simply stunning.

Sounds pretty good, right? I’m certainly keen on learning more about this Serito Pinnacle place. I’ll be sure to keep pressing my dive contacts and friends at VisitAruba.com for more info. In the meantime, if you have a favorite dive spot in Aruba, feel free to leave a comment below and let us know…

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