Assessing Many Great Options on a Sunsail 444 in The Abacos

You’re on a luxurious Sunsail 444 sailing catamaran. The sky is clear with a pleasant breeze. The seas, perfect. You’re anchored yards off beautiful Bakers Bay beach—a three-mile-long stretch of white sand on the island of Great Guana Cay. Oh, and did I mention that you’ve got a kayak?

Do you:

  1. Hoist the main and set out for a day of picture-perfect sailing through the turquoise waters in the Sea of Abaco?
  2. Pack a waterproof bag with some provisions (mostly rum and the odd snack) then hop in that kayak and set out for a day on the beach?
  3. Plop right down on the trampoline in the front of the boat for a day in the sun with nothing but a good book… And, of course, that rum we were talking about?
  4. All of the above! (Though maybe not in that order)

So, what’ll it be?

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