North Shore Barbados

North Shore Barbados: Exploring the Craggy Natural Wonders

If you’re following us on Facebook, then you already know that Patrick and I are making our first trip together since we started Uncommon Caribbean about a year ago. We’re in Barbados right now, enjoying the fabulous West Indian-style hospitality at the Almond Beach Village and exploring as much of the island’s off-the-beaten-path wonders as we can pack into the next four days. After a morning spent getting acquainted with our resort, we set off due north to explore North Shore Barbados.

This is my fourth time in Barbados and Patrick’s second, but my bro definitely has a much better lay for the land than I do. Now, if we were doing a tour of the island’s finest meeting rooms, then I could certainly lead the way. Usually, my trips here consist of a late-night arrival, followed by an all-day meeting, a late dinner, and finally, an early morning departure back home. Doesn’t leave a lot of time for the type of exploration Patrick got to enjoy last year on his first UC assignment.

So, I was more than a little excited when we hopped into a rental car this afternoon and re-traced the route he took last year to the area near the Animal Flower Cave.

The awe-inspiring beauty of this place really made a strong impression on me. When you consider the raw power of these waves and the massive impact they’ve had on carving-out the sharp and jagged cliffs and coves that line the shoreline here, it really gives you a whole new appreciation for nature’s majesty.

Here are a few photos from North Shore Barbados and today’s little adventure to give you a sense of what we saw…

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