Saturday Video: Admiring The Beauty of Barbados from Above

When my 10-year-old twin boys were babies, one of the books I most liked reading to them was called La Isla. In it, a loving and magical woman takes her granddaughter on a journey from their home in New York City to the abuela’s home island in the Caribbean, a wondrously enchanted, yet unnamed place that’s obviously meant to be Puerto Rico.

The pair don’t travel by boat or plane to get there. Instead, they fly Peter Pan-style, with Abuela holding her granddaughter’s hand just as Pan once held Wendy’s.

My kids used to love this book, of course, since their Daddy used to live in New York and, like Abuela, was born and raised on a Caribbean island. They also liked the flying too, the magical mode of transport enabling the main characters in the story to see and experience Abuela’s entire home island in just a handful of pages.

Today’s featured video reminds me a bit of La Isla, though this time, the island in the spotlight is Barbados, and the people doing the flying are viewers like you and me. See…

This amazing birds-eye view of Barbados was shot and produced by Above Barbados, high-definition aerial media pros based in Barbados who obviously know a thing or two about the best, most stunning, and dramatic ways to showcase their amazing island.

Imagine if you were getting married in Barbados, or chasing big game sportfish off her shores, or maybe tackling the world-class surf at Soup Bowl – wouldn’t it be amazing to have the experts at Above Barbados capture your exploits using their most uncommon filming techniques?

To get Above Barbados to provide you with a unique video perspective of your next Barbados adventure, contact them via their website, or email them at info@abovebarbados.com.

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