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Touring Barbados with Rihanna: Can Dreams Really Come True?

As you can easily tell by reading any of his articles on the subject, Patrick REALLY enjoyed exploring Barbados earlier this year. We don’t play favorites here at Uncommon Caribbean, (unless St. Croix or Cruzan Rum are involved), but if we did I’m guessing that all things Barbados would merit a gold star from my bro.

Rihanna's Day at the Beach Photoshoot.

From the quiet seclusion of Archer Bay and the storied heritage of St. Nicholas Abbey, to the bustle of the St. Lawrence Gap and the sublime elegance of The House, Barbados put a spell on Patrick that will likely never be broken. About the only thing that could’ve made his week in Barbados any bit better might’ve been a personal tour of the island with its most famous local, R&B superstar Rihanna.

That will have to wait for a future visit (dreams do come true sometimes, right?)… In the meantime we can all enjoy Rihanna’s brief video intro to her home island above.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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