Sail Belize Giveaway with Sunsail & Uncommon Caribbean

Win a 7-Day Yacht Charter to Sail Belize from Sunsail & Uncommon Caribbean

This giveaway has ended. Look out for the next one!

Teeming with life and wrapped in brilliant blues and emerald greens, Belize is an extraordinary destination. And that makes our Uncommon Caribbean x Sunsail: Sail Belize Giveaway with Yeti a truly special giveaway!

For the uninitiated, Belize is a nation on the eastern coast of Central America. A land alive with life. Jaguars, howler monkeys, leaf cutter ants, toucans and more call its dense jungles home. Meanwhile, gargantuan whale sharks, dolphins, manta rays, and huge schools of fish swim in the waters surrounding its massive barrier reef. Here, history also comes alive with towering ancient Mayan pyramids, the Garifuna people, and sunken wrecks.

Sail Belize and more!

The prize package includes a 7-day Sunsail 4-cabin catamaran bareboat yacht charter from their base in Placencia. Expect superb fishing, snorkeling like you wouldn’t believe, splendid sunsets, rustic islet restaurants, excellent coffee, and an awe-inspiring sense of peacefulness! Belize is not a crowded sailing destination. That means most nights you can enjoy anchorages all to yourself. With nothing but a crystal clear Milky Way hanging overhead.

And who knows… We may even add some additional surprise prizes from Yeti along the way to sweeten the deal! High-quality gear designed and tested in unfamiliar territory, Yeti makes everything our intrepid sailor needs. Think tough, waterproof backpacks, their trademark coolers, and tough-as-nails tumblers guaranteed to keep your beverage just how you like it whether it’s ice cold or piping hot.

So, what are you waiting for?

Chart your course, grab your swimsuit, jump the main, and pull the jib sheet — exploring all that makes Belize such a unique destination is just an entry away!

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