Sexy Sailors in Bonaire

Postcards from the Sexy Sailors: Styling in Bonaire

Most anyone’s list of stylish, sexy Caribbean destinations would not include Bonaire. The middle child of the Dutch ABC islands has long been known for incredible scuba diving, a massive flamingo population, and not much else.

Leave it to our friends, The Sexy Sailors, to show us another side to this uncommon island…

Our latest “Postcard” from Alex and Taru shows our seafaring friends enjoying the posh, tres-chic surroundings at Villa Karibuni, one of the incredible ultra-luxury properties designed by Piet Boon.

Who, or what is Piet Boon?

Like all of life’s finest things, Piet Boon embodies the “If you have to ask…” aesthetic. The brand represents all things class, quality, and authentic style on an international, yet unpretentious scale. The man behind it, Dutch-born furniture and interior designer, has remained among the avant-garde in design for the better part of the past 25+ years.

As you can see here, this was one serendipitous stop well worth the trouble…

Personally, I never had any idea that such swanky accommodations were available in Bonaire. Clearly, there’s more to this sleepy island than meets the eye, with Piet Boon Dream Villa Rentals at the top of the list!

Thanks to Alex and Taru for turning us on to yet another most uncommon find! To keep up with the very latest on their sailing adventures, be sure to visit their World Tour Stories site.

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