Soca Gold 2020

Soca Gold 2020 Brings Carnival Home With World’s Greatest Soca Party

Maybe you’re like us. You ass-up. Vexed! Your face sour bad-too-bad. The source of your stink attitude: no Carnival. Indeed, 2020 has brought with it cancellations for just about every West Indian Carnival everywhere. COVID may have stopped Carnival, but it hasn’t slowed the release of new soca music! Big “chunes” originally destined for di road have been burning up airwaves all throughout the lockdown period. Now, with the release of Soca Gold 2020, not only can you bring many of this year’s biggest soca hits to your home, but you can also fete like you’re at your favorite Carnival!

Soca Gold 2020 – The Album

Let’s start by looking at the album itself. The latest edition in the annual Soca Gold collection from VP Records features 17 tracks. Some of the biggest names in West Indian music are represented, including Trinidad Carnival 2020 Soca Monarch and Road March King, Iwer George. International soca superstar Bunji Garlin is also featured, as is Leadpipe & Jus-Jay, 2019 Barbados Peoples Monarch, and Road March King. 

Several up-and-coming soca artists are also represented. My favorite, Jus D, hails from Barbados. His infectious track, Touch, has been on constant rotation in my house from the minute I first heard it over the weekend.

Jus D - Touch "2020 Soca" (Official Audio)

In all, Soca Gold 2020 showcases talents from Antigua, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Trinidad, and Venezuela. In this way, the album is a marvelously pan-regional representation of sweet, sweet soca.

We, of course, LOVE THIS!

Soca Gold 2020 Album Release – World’s Greatest Soca Party

Even better than the album, though, is the Soca Gold 2020 release party. The album drops next Friday, July 31, 2020. To celebrate, the Soca Gold 2020 producers at VP Records are holding a virtual party dubbed as The World’s Greatest Soca Party.

The party itself will stream live on the VP Records youtube channel throughout the July 31 weekend, Friday–Sunday. Viewers can expect to see live performances by many of the artists featured on the album.

Some of the hottest Caribbean DJs will also get in on the act. DJ Quest (Antigua), Big Red the DJ (Barbados), DJ Hershey’s (Saint Lucia), and DJ Ding Dong (Trinidad) are all slated to spin.

Noted West Indian DJs based outside of the region are also on the docket. It is the World’s Greatest Soca Party, after all.

Giselle D’ Wassi One from Miami, DJ Frankie P (NYC), and DJ Chris Vee over in the UK will help to make the fete a global affair.

Best of all, of course, is the fact that we’re all invited to join in the fun!

Party starts July 31, 2020, at 4 pm EST. Hope to see you at the VP Records youtube channel next weekend!

Editor’s note: The Soca Gold 2020 album release date and World’s Greatest Soca Party also happen to coincide with Patrick’s birthday! If you ever wanted to fete with us, you’ll definitely want to tune in and help to wish Patrick a happy birthday. See you next week!

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