Antigua Ron Porteño

Antigua Ron Porteño – Mysterious Dark Rum de Colombia

I’d like to tell you a lot about Antigua Ron Porteño. Not just about how it looks, smells, and tastes, mind you. I want to delve into its history, introduce you to its production methods, maybe even share a secret or two.

Alas, such a comprehensive rum review of the style and type you’ve come to expect here is impossible in the case of Ron Porteño. The reason…

I can’t find any info on it anywhere!

There’s no Antigua Ron Porteño website; at least not one that I can find. Communiques sent to their distributor in Colombia have also gone unanswered. I can’t even remember where/how I came possess the Porteño bottle I just polished off a couple weeks ago.

Mysteries may abound with Ron Porteño, but one thing’s for certain…

Antigua Ron Porteño is pretty damn good.

This assumes you like your rum a little on the sweet side, dark, and rich in flavor. Porteño is all of these things, with a slight burn on the finish when enjoyed neat. For a comp, I’d say it reminded me somewhat of El Dorado 12. Porteño, though, is not as rich or beautifully biting as the more distinguished El Dorado.

Still, Porteño is definitely worth a taste… if you can find it.

If you know anything about Antigua Ron Porteño, please contact us here, or leave a note in the comments section below.



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