Best Seat in The House at Deep Water Cay, The Bahamas

Due to the destruction brought on by Hurricane Dorian in September 2019, Deep Water Cay has ceased operations. As the property recovers in hopes of reopening, a fundraising drive has been launched to aid resort staff in rebuilding their lives. Should you wish to contribute, please visit the Deep Water Cay website.

Little things make a good hotel great.

Whether it’s a five-star, ultra-luxurious beachfront resort, or a humble B&B tucked away in a quaint residential area, small touches that show an extra bit of care on the part of the owners and management for your guest experience really do add up.

Small touches like this porch swing.

I found it on the upstairs balcony of my super-swanky villa at Deep Water Cay, the formerly all-boys private island fishing enclave in The Bahamas that’s recently evolved into an upscale escape catering to families, couples, and really all types of well-heeled travelers, be they into fishing or not.

Like all the other furniture in my villa, and elsewhere around the property, the porch swing was of an extremely high quality. Manufactured by Kingsley-Bate, purveyors of America’s finest teak furniture, the St. George swing exudes luxury in its classic styling and solid construction.

None of that makes this the best seat in the house at Deep Water Cay, though.

The little thing actually making all the difference here to me is its placement, the seat hanging just below the top of the balcony railing enabling all who sit here to enjoy unobstructed views of the surrounding waters, islets, and amazing sunsets like these.

Ever walk out on your hotel balcony and settle into a comfy chair only to find that your view is obscured by the safety railing? It’s a common pet-peeve of mine that I’ve counseled hotel clients and hotelier friends about on many occasions over the years, always complaining that they should outfit their balconies with taller chairs.

I had no such complaints at Deep Water Cay, though. At least not when settling in for a nice swing on the sweet Bahamian breeze…


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