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Uncommon Attraction: Kalinago Head Carvings, Dominica

Easter Island it is not, but these miniature head carvings are quite captivating nonetheless. You can find them in the Kalinago Barana Auté, or KBA for short, the magical slice of Dominica better (and disparagingly) known as The Carib Territory.

As with many (all?) ancient cultures, carvings like these were very important to the Kalinago. Some represented stories and ancestral myths. Others told of daily life activities, or communicated the news of the day.

Just about every available substance that could be carved was employed by the Kalinago – rocks, pottery, wood, and giant ferns, as used here.

These head carvings are among the most special you can still find around Dominica. They represent each Kalinago Chief that has served the community since the founding of the KBA back in 1903, a vibrant and artistic link to the past…

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