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Jammin’ with Lenny Kravitz in Eleuthera

Long (about 110 miles) and thin (only a mile wide in some places), Eleuthera is one of those magical Bahamian islands where Mother Nature shows off the best of her artistic flair. Seemingly endless pristine pink and white sand shores front calm, shallow waters on the west coast. To the east, the deeper waters of the Atlantic give rise to tremendous sport fishing, scuba diving and surfing. Eleuthera is paradise personified. If you don’t believe it, just ask its most famous resident: Lenny Kravitz.

The New York-born rocker has Bahamian roots on his mother’s side. You can really see it in this video of Lenny visiting with family in Nassau. From frying fish to getting plaits in his hair, the superstar is a real island boy through and through.

Throughout his career, Lenny has also proudly showcased his Bahamian heritage in his music. Ascension, track 1 on his 1993 EP of unreleased bonus tracks, is my favorite example. On it, Lenny plays Junkanoo and Bahamian goatskin drums, adding a distinctly Bahamas vibe to his trademark mix of rock and funk.

Eleutheria, track 11 on his 1993 release Are You Gonna’ Go My Way is also great. True to its name, the song celebrates Lenny’s current island home.

As a resident, Lenny naturally frequents local haunts. I’m talking stores, restaurants, and bars like Elvina’s. Lenny has been known to pop in there and sit in for jam sessions with local bands. Check out the video below to get a sense of the vibe…

Lenny Kravitz crashes local bar for a funk jam of Herbie Hancock' Chameleon


*Lead photo credit: Flickr user Kmeron.

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