Exploring Eleuthera Through the Lens of AuthenticBahamas.com

All the great insights that our buddy Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund shared with us on Eleuthera over the past few weeks has me scouring the web today for more info to plan a summer escape to this special corner of The Bahamas. Among the first places I turned, AuthenticBahamas.com.

Longtime UC readers will remember that we’ve sourced this nicely-designed, if infrequently updated, site for our Bahamas research before. As noted here, we’re simpatico in our commitment to showcasing authentic travel experiences. The only difference is we cover the entire region, while they focus on The Bahamas.

The best of their focus, to my mind, comes across in their amazing videos – sweeping, dramatic works of cinematic art expressly designed to stimulate your wanderlust for The Bahamas.

Today’s featured video for Eleuthera did the trick for me. Watch it and let us know if does the same for you…

AuthenticBahamas.com - Eleuthera

*Eleuthera photo above courtesy photos_mweber via Flickr.

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