Yes, the flats in and around the East End Cays of Grand Bahama Island are heaven on earth to fishing enthusiasts of nearly every stripe (especially among anglers lucky enough to check-in here).

Simply boating around here, though, is pretty sweet too…

Racing out to the Grand Bahama Cays | SBPR

Racing out to the East End Cays, Grand Bahama Island | SBPR

Jaw-dropping vistas of isolated islets barely poking above sea level lay all around you.

Serenity at Sea, Grand Bahama Cays | SBPR

Serenity at Sea, East End Cays, Grand Bahama Island | SBPR

The water below, a clear so cloudless, so crystalline and pure, that upon peering down in spots it seems your boat is hovering in thin air rather than cresting the waves.

Limpid seas around the Grand Bahama Cays | SBPR

Limpid seas around the East End Cays, Grand Bahama Island | SBPR

Turtles, stingrays, sharks – all manner of sea life is easily spied through these clear waters. All except the ultra-shy and supremely cunning bonefish, the main attraction of anglers here for generations.

Grand Bahama blues | SBPR

Grand Bahama blues | SBPR

Even if the world-class fishing doesn’t appeal to you, the experience of getting out on these waters is sure to keep you hooked on these Cays for life.

More on the best way to enjoy all that the East End Cays have to offer in style here.

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