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Poet Reef sunset

Poet Reef Sunset Pain and Pleasure

Pain engenders strong memories. In the case of one Poet Reef sunset, though, pain and pleasure are sweetly symbiotic to me.
Grenada, aka: La Grenade

Vive la Grenade and Independence from Britain

There's a French undercurrent to everything in formerly British Grenada. Le Tricolour held sway over the island they called La Grenade for 114 years.
Natty by the river in Dominica | SBPR

Dreading Locks The Natural Way in Dominica

Many are the various methods one can employ toward achieving an eye-catching coif of dreadlocks these days. None beat this method I observed on the banks of the Colihaut River in Dominica, though...
Bent Palm at Belle Mont Farm, St. Kitts | Credit: Patrick Bennett
🇰🇳St. Kitts

Bent Palm at Belle Mont Farm, St. Kitts: Photo of the Day

Patrick found this palm in St. Kitts amid the 400 acres of lush landscaped beds and carefully-tended agri-fields that comprise Belle Mont Farm, one of the most uniquely uncommon hotels in all of the Caribbean.
Ultra-clear Exumas | Photo credit: Colin Ruggiero.

Kicking Back In the Ultra-Clear Seas of The Exumas

A good 360 islands, islets, cays, and rocks lay scattered about this extraordinary corner of The Bahamas that is the Exumas, all of them sporting the same crystalline seas.
Hams Bluff, St. Croix | SBPR
🇻🇮St. Croix

Wild, Wonderful Hams Bay, St. Croix: Uncommon Attraction

Every island has its "No Man's Land;" its wild and remote hardscrabble shoreline where few things grow and even fewer people live. Hams Bay, St. Croix is just such a place.

Sandbar Seclusion in Exuma, The Bahamas: Photo of the Day

Interspersed among the 360 islands, islets, and cays in the Exuma chain of The Bahamas are little patches of sandy heaven like this. Sandbars: pure Bahamas paradise.
Karibik-Cruise 2017 – Martinique, Dominica, Guadeloupe, Antigua, Barbuda. Powered by Master Yachting & Dream Yacht Charter. | Credit: Flickr user Christian Lendl

Sailing Along the Western Shores of Martinique

The endless rewards of sailing around Martinique have long centered on the 48 satellite islets that can mostly be found along Martinique's east coast. You certainly shouldn't sleep on the charms that line her western shores, though...
Sipping Sea Water at Bananier Beach, Haiti | SBPR

Enjoying My Traditional ‘Sea Drink’ in Haiti: Photo of the Day

Sipping sea water seems to set my mind and soul more in-tune with the sunny shores I'm lucky to be exploring, few places more so than the Bananier Beach, Haiti.