Might Be Time to Consider Mustique

Welcome to Mustique Island

I don’t know much about Mustique. I’ve never been, or even come close.

Not that I’m griping, of course. After all, I do tend to get around much of the rest of the Caribbean on a basis beyond what most people would consider regular, so what could be so bad about missing out on little old Mustique?

Err, dumb question. Just check out the video above to see why.

The luxury vacation experience here has long been legendary, and there’s ample evidence of it throughout the video. What strikes me, though, are the variety of water sports options, the island’s diverse topography, and its cool and breezy vibe.

Luxury here certainly doesn’t appear to be all about lazing your days away under the warm sun, a notion that’s got me taking a closer look at Mustique, maybe for next year…

If you’ve already visited Mustique and have any tips on things we should see and do, please let us know by leaving a comment below.


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