Capybara curry, Guyana | Photo Credit: Flickr user Manuel Lopez/CIFOR

Capybara Curry, Guyana: Taste of the Caribbean

You can curry anything!

Not sure where along my Caribbean travels I originally heard this, but it’s definitely a mantra I’ve found to be true everywhere I’ve roamed. Curry has long been king to me, which of course is no surprise, considering my Trinbago ancestral roots and my Mom’s wizardry in the kitchen. (No one ever made a better roti!)

Still, every rule has its exception. When it comes to curry, mine just might be capybara.


Well… I mean…

Yeah, not sure I want to eat that, with or without curry | Credit: Flick user schmeeve
Yeah, not sure I want to eat that, with or without curry | Credit: Flick user schmeeve
It’s a rodent!

The world’s largest rodent, in fact. Adult capybaras generally measure just over four feet in length. They stand two feet tall and weigh around 140 pounds. Top weight ever recorded: 201 pounds!

That’s a lot of meat, though these uncommon mammals aren’t hunted for food alone. In some areas of South America, capybara hide is prized among the top exotic leathers in the world. The grease from the animal’s fatty skin is also employed in the production of pharmaceuticals.

In Guyana, where wild meat like capybara and iguana is as common as hamburgers and hot dogs in the States, you can find capybara on the menu everywhere from humble roadside stands to swanky restaurants.

Will I really wuss out and pass on capybara curry if/when I ever get to Guyana? Stay tuned…


*Photo Credit: Flickr user Manuel Lopez/CIFOR 

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