Saturday Video: Expedition to Kaieteur Falls, Guyana

Kaieteur Falls - HD video beauty shots

Few places in the Caribbean have as much to offer the “uncommon” traveler as Guyana, though some might argue that’s because Guyana isn’t actually in the Caribbean in the first place. True, the country is part of South America, bordering Venezuela to the west, Suriname to the east, and Brazil to the south, but Guyana is distinctly West Indian in its cultural traditions, heritage, cuisine, music and more. There are even strong political ties as the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) maintains its secretariat headquarters in Guyana’s capital, Georgetown.

So yeah, Guyana is as Caribbean a country as they come. A quick look at the video above will show you that it’s also as uncommon a Caribbean destination as any. For that reason, and a few more we hope to share in the coming weeks, Guyana is right up there with Dominica at the top of our wish list of destinations to visit in 2011.

If we do get to Guyana next year, an expedition to Kaieteur Falls will definitely be on the itinerary. At a height of 741 feet (226 meters), Kaieteur is five times taller than the famous falls at Niagra. Many other waterfalls are taller, but very few are more powerful. On average, 23,400 cubic feet (663 cubic meters) of water pass over the falls every second. Just imagine what that sounds like! The combination of immense height and incredible volume here have earned for Kaieteur the title of “largest single drop” waterfall in the world.

Over dinner last night with some Guyanese friends, I learned that there are a couple different ways to get to the falls. The land route takes several uncomfortable hours over predominantly rough roads. The better option, a quick 45-minute flight like the one in the video. There’s a small airstrip near Kaieteur Falls, and half-day excursions can be arranged via Georgetown. There’s even a small guesthouse at Kaieteur for those, like me, who may want to opt for an overnight stay.

With all the natural beauty and unique wildlife here, why wouldn’t you want to stay for a few days? Just picture yourself sitting on the ledge right next to the falls looking out into the gorge…


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