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Photo Of The Day: Melodic Rocks and Shells Along the Shore in Jacmel, Haiti

There’s no sound quite so sublime as that of waves stretching forth from the sea and finally reaching the shore. Whether gently lapping, loudly crashing, or something in-between, each ephemeral embrace of land and sea yields nature’s most soothing sensory combination; equally calming mind, nerves, body, and soul through both visual and audio stimulation like nothing else.

Whereas the soft dragging draw and repeat of waves kissing sandy shores no doubt appeals to most, I tend to hold a special affection for the broad, kaleidoscopic tones typical of more rugged beaches like the one above.

The loose rocks and sea shells here just east of Bobeach in the Jacmel area of Southern Haiti clanged and clacked rhythmically against each other with each successive wave. My group had stopped here to snap pics of Villa Nicole, a new, tres-chic boutique hotel just down the shore. I captured some images of the hotel too, but found myself more entranced by the surf sounds directly below our perch alongside the road.

It was like a roomful of musicians playing xylophones, triangles, bells, chimes, and rain sticks in the most intricate and impossibly angelic symphony.

We were only there a few brief minutes, but I’m sure that the memories of those special sounds will always echo in my memory… especially whenever I see this image.

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