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Once You Go, You Still Might Not Know This Side of Jamaica

Once you go, you know!

Most of us who’ve gone to Jamaica over the years have certainly gotten to know its beaches, resorts, reggae, rum, and fun – de irie vibes! I know I have during my many trips to Kingston, MoBay, Ocho Rios, and Negril.

Still, I wouldn’t say that I KNOW the place… not the real Jamaica.

Not this…

The video for Get Free, another Major Lazer favorite of mine, captures many aspects of the wildly dynamic local milieu in a way that excites me about returning to Jamaica way more than any promotional commercial.

Gritty, sensual nightlife, slammin’ bones outside a rum shop, ruggedly ferocious amateur boxing, cooling off under a waterfall up in de bush – THIS is the Jamaica I long to know!

If you know this side of Jamaica and have some suggestions on how best we might experience it, get in touch.

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