Dragon Cay Overlook Sunset Perch
🇹🇨Middle Caicos

Dragon Cay Overlook Sunset Perch, Middle Caicos

As we’ve noted before, the Dragon Cay Overlook in Middle Caicos is an amazing spot to see the sunrise in Middle Caicos. As shown here, though, the Dragon Cay Overlook sunset perch is pretty sweet too, this particular sunset scene to especially so.

The wife and I were on one our “just us” summer escapes. Our twin boys were back home in Florida getting set to start their college careers.

Seeing this dad soaking in the sunset with his son really warmed my heart. At the same time, though, it jolted me to a sad realization…

The opportunities we’d have to enjoy unique travel charms like this with our kids was over. 

Oh, we’ll still get to travel together, I’m sure. I’m also sure that those future trips will bring their own special brand of fun. 

The beautiful innocence of a moment like this – the son’s eyes no doubt filled with wonder, the dad beaming with pride at having the ability to bring his family here – is gone.

Time, indeed, is short. 

Get out there. 


Find your own special Dragon Cay Overlook sunset perch and share as many special moments there as you can with your loved ones.

Or better yet, check-in at the Dragon Cay Resort with your family and enjoy this very same incredible spot.

I promise, you won’t regret it.

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