Caribelle Batik
🇰🇳St. Kitts

Caribelle Batik – Echoes of St Kitts in Montserrat

I don’t know too much about art. Not enough to know where a particular piece might come from just by looking at it, anyway. This framed beauty, though, is an exception. I knew it was from St Kitts immediately upon seeing it hanging in the hallway at Olveston House in Montserrat. Specifically, I knew it was from Caribelle Batik.

Yes, I’ve traveled to St Kitts before, if only very briefly. No, I’ve never visited Caribelle. 

So distinctive is the Caribelle Batik style, though, that once you know it even slightly, you never, ever forget it.

We hope to visit St Kitts and Caribelle soon. In the meantime, visit to learn all about their amazing crafts, and maybe place an order or two…

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