Costa Rica Cloud Forest
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Costa Rica Cloud Forest – A Different Kind Of Green

You’ll find a different kind of green in the wilds of the Costa Rica Cloud Forest. Here, in the highlands of the Los Santos Forest Reserve, the air is crisp and chilly. The otherworldly natural beauty of the area, though, can compel even the most cold-averse among us to get out and explore. (Yes, even me!) Well-marked and maintained hiking trails winding throughout much of the 240-acre reserve make it easy. Waterfalls, streams, misty mountains, exotic birds, moss-covered trees, and tropical flowers all help to create an absolutely surreal atmosphere. For me, though, it’s the green that really makes the magic. Deep, rich, and glistening from the near constant, yet light precipitation, the fauna here is the very definition of an enchanted forest.

If you’re keen on exploring the Costa Rica Cloud Forest, you’ll want to check in at Trogon Lodge. My brief stay here a few years back was nothing short of fairytale perfect.

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