Hell's Gate in northern Dominica

Looking Straight Down on Hell’s Gate in Northern Dominica

There exist a preponderance of places named Hell’s Gate in the Caribbean. Some are distinctive rock formations, like those we’ve encountered in Antigua and Montserrat. Other times, though, Hell’s Gate represents whole villages or islets. The village of Zion’s Hill in Saba, for instance, long carried the devilish moniker. (Many still insist on calling the town Hell’s Gate to this day.) One of Antigua’s 40+ offshore islets also goes by Hell’s Gate. As distinctive as these varying Hell’s Gates may be, though, they do tend to share one thing in common: tragedy. In particular: seafaring tragedies. Where there are shallow and/or rough currents, extensive reefs, and rocky outcroppings, there tend to be Hell’s Gates. All are quite obviously on display via this birds-eye view straight down on Hell’s Gate, Dominica

*Photo by Patrick Bennett


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