Antigua and Barbuda – Even More Amazing from the Sky

Two primary islands, 40+ additional satellite islets, more than 365 beaches, and endless sweetness (some of it judged to be the best in the world!) – Antigua and Barbuda are just plain beautiful in most every way.

A quick and easy drive around the island makes this plain, nearly every bend revealing another jaw-dropping stretch of sugar-white sand, rolling hills, verdant fields, historic sites, and other treasures.

From the sky, the allure of Antigua is even more pronounced…

How can you add this type of spectacular aerial footage dimension to your Antigua and Barbuda travel memories? I mean, short of buying and operating your very own drone, then hunkering down at home to edit your video, of course.

Answer: link up with the pros at Horizon Film Studio. Not only are they great with flying, filming, and production, but Antigua is also Horizon’s home, so they know how best to show it off.

Check out more Horizon videos and get in touch with them here.

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