Montserrat Waterfalls

Montserrat Waterfalls: A Joy of Hiking the Caribbean’s Emerald Isle

Among the many joys of hiking the wilds in Montserrat is stumbling across the island’s waterfalls and natural pools. They aren’t as numerous as you’ll find elsewhere in the Caribbean. At least the accessible ones aren’t. (Can you imagine how many new rivers and waterfalls now exist in the off-limits Exclusion Zone surrounding the Soufriere Hills Volcano?) What Montserrat waterfalls and attendant pools that we encountered on our fall 2019 visit weren’t particularly huge either. The pool pictured here, for instance, made a nice, cozy and refreshing shallow seat for one. Still, Montserrat waterfalls are every bit as fairytale enchanting as much larger ones we’ve seen elsewhere. Seeing this one also came with the added bonus of enjoying the most uniquely uncommon hiking adventure of my life!

Stay tuned for the full story next week…

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