Occasionally Pink Pumpkin Bluff Beach, North Caicos
🇹🇨North Caicos

Occasionally Pink Pumpkin Bluff Beach, North Caicos

There are no pink sands in North Caicos. Pink flamingoes, yes, but no pink sands. Sometimes, though, Mother Nature makes an exception at Pumpkin Bluff Beach. We wandered over here from the comfy digs at Empyrean Villas to catch the sunset on a Friday in early-August last year. A very bumpy road gave way to a path progressively narrowed by encroaching kasha (acasia) bush and finally the scene above. The lay of the sand running perpendicular with the setting sun occasioned a pink hue over the dunes; a marvelous mirage that made the challenging trek to Pumpkin Bluff well worth it.

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