Îlet à Cabrit sunset, Guadeloupe | SBPR

Sunset Over Îlet à Cabrit des Saintes, Guadeloupe

Terre-de-Haut in the Îles des Saintes, Guadeloupe offers more amazing sunrise and sunset viewpoints than you might expect for an island of such modest size. This one of Îlet à Cabrit is one of my favorites. To enjoy it, find your way up Morne Mire. Stop near the top, in the parking area for Fort Napoleon, and settle in atop the stone wall for an absolutely amazing show.

Have you read all of our posts on my recent adventures in Terre-de-Haut? If you like small and beautiful islands oozing with charm, devoid of touristy schlock, and filled with stunning white-sand beaches, history and mysteries, then you should…

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