Seaside Seating in Island Harbour, Anguilla

Sweet Seaside Seafood Dining With a View to Match in Anguilla

Wherever fishing boats are moored and shaded tables line sandy shores, you can be sure to find great seafood in the Caribbean. Not the bougie, ultra-styled fruits de mer served at froufrou restaurants topping “it” lists. I’m talking real, authentic, savory, and singularly spiced West Indian seafood. Caribbean food. It’s not for everyone, of course. We uncommoners, though, simply can’t live without it on our travels. In Anguilla, Falcon Nest Bar and Grill is among the best places to get it. This seaside staple of Island Harbour embodies the prideful tradition of Anguillan seafaring and fishing in every way. Everything on the menu is fresh, caught by the owner. His cousin does the cooking. His sister tends the bar. To dine here is to dine with the West Indian family you didn’t know you had; an experience as special as this view.


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