Golden hour at Pinel Island, St. Martin | SBPR

Pining For More Time At Pinel Island, St. Martin

I guess there could be a few good reasons to rush away from Pinel Island before sunset. Maybe you’ve had a bit too much sun, or overindulged at Yellow Beach and Karabuni, Pinel’s sweetly seductive beach bars. Or, it could be that you just want to get the jump on the dinner crowd at your favorite Lolo in Marigot or Grand Case. Each scenario makes sense, of course, though no excuse really holds water for me. The golden hour at Pinel is just too rich to miss, which makes me regret not making it back here in 2018 all the more. Indeed, with just over a month left on the calendar and no plans on the schedule to visit St. Maarten/St. Martin anytime soon, it seems that our goal of returning here to provide you with an in-depth update on the state of things post hurricanes Irma and Maria will go unfulfilled. Will we get it done in 2019? Stay tuned…

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