Le Tombolo de Pointe du Bout, Martinique | SBPR

Le Tombolo de Pointe du Bout, Martinique

It’s not the best-known tombolo on the island, but it’s certainly the one you’re more likely to see when you visit Martinique. This is the Tombolo de Pointe du Bout. It sits just outside the entrance to La Marina de la Pointe du Bout, one of the busiest ports of call for private yachts, catamaran pleasure cruises, dive excursions, and ferry service across the Bay of Fort-de-France. If you’re ever heading to or from Trois-Ilets, as most visitors to Martinique surely do, you can’t miss it. Further north along the Atlantic coast, the more celebrated Tombolo de Sainte-Marie attracts uncommon travelers keen on getting off the beaten path and delving into the mysteries of Manman Dlo and one of the island’s most legendary tragedies. Of course, we recommend you see both next time you’re in Martinique.

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