Sunrise over Luquillo, Puerto Rico
🇵🇷Puerto Rico

Experience Sunrise Over Luquillo Beach, Puerto Rico

There is another…

You already know my brother/UC partner Patrick, he of the mad photo skills, adorable tykes, and NYC address. But, did you know there’s another Bennett brother?

Our big brother, Peter, doesn’t return to the islands to reconnect with his West Indian roots as often as we do. When he does, though, it does it BIG.

The man has spent the better part of the past month (yes, a month!) trekking around the north coast of Puerto Rico with his teenage son. Their adventures have taken them to Loiza, Old San Juan, Piñones and all parts in-between, the two of them gorging on mofongo, empanadas, and Malta India drink much as we used to as kids visiting the island for swim meets way back when.

Their favorite spot so far: Luquillo.

The sleepy seaside community nestled between San Juan and Fajardo has been a favorite of locals and visitors in the know for years, both groups reveling in the laid back lime and Bohemian beach lifestyle on offer here.

It’s the kind of place that invites exploration, mixing with the locals, and rising with the sun so you don’t miss a second of the real spirit of Boricua…

Peter and his son have been doing just that, essentially making Luquillo their own, and thankfully for us, allowing us to share this small slice of the sunrise view from their beachfront digs as our latest Monthly Moment of Zen video.

Thanks, big bro! Hope to see more of you back in our islands soon…


*Photo credit: Peter C. Bennett

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