Davis Bay, St Croix
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Davis Bay Summer Sunsets Back Home in St Croix

Davis Bay on the North Shore of St Croix may seem an unlikely place to enjoy an amazing sunset. I mean, Frederiksted, and her attendant westward-facing coastline, is just a short drive away.

During the summer months, though, as the sun shifts her daily track ever so slightly across the sky, the sweet shores along Davis Bay make for some truly memorable end of day spectacles.

My memories of sunsets here goes way back to childhood afternoons spent bodysurfing here til the last light of day. The Renaissance Carambola Beach Resort that has so come to define these shores wasn’t even a dream at the time. All around was just rainforest, stone ruins from way back when, and an old caretaker guarding the road to the beach. The grownups would ply him with rum to allow us entry. Those were great days; a different time.

Current days here aren’t too shabby either, though. The beach remains marvelous, the waves generally good, and the summer sunsets quite obviously still spectacular…

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