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Happy Valentine’s Day from Your Friends at Uncommon Caribbean!

Love lives at Sandy Point, St. Croix/SBPR

I’ve made no secret of my unabashed love for Sandy Point Beach back home in my native St. Croix. During the forced family march I made there last August, I came across the loving natural symbol pictured here, which seemed to suggest the feeling is mutual.

I found it nestled on a large flat rock at the water’s edge somewhere between the Vincent F. Mason, Sr. Coral Resort and the choice part of Sandy Point that I frequented so often in my youth. Waves were lapping all around it, threatening to wash it away. Somehow, though, the sandy heart remained, an enduring symbol of love in a most uncommon spot.

Here’s hoping your upcoming travels to and through the Caribbean are filled with even more unique finds, enduring experiences and the type of fun only found in the Uncommon Caribbean.

Love, Steve + Patrick

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