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Natural Pools at Black Rocks, St. Kitts: Uncommon Attraction

For all their destructive power, all that they take away, volcanoes sure do leave us with some pretty amazing natural wonders. Case in point: Black Rocks, St. Kitts.

Located along the northeastern coast, near the village of Saddlers, Black Rocks (or Black Stone, as it’s known in some local corners) is a collection of dark and distinctive rock formations that look very much out of place compared to the rest of St. Kitts’ shores.

The reason: Black Rocks is the lasting remnants of the first and only eruption of Mount Liamuiga, the long-dormant volcano distinguished as the tallest peak on the island. The lava flow settled here at the edge of the sea, leaving the relentless waves of the Atlantic to carve her dramatic shapes.

Black Rocks, St. Kitts

Black Rocks, St. Kitts

Curiously shaped rocks and boulders aren’t the only attraction here, though. If you can pull yourself away from amazing pools like this one at our home away from home in St. Kitts, the natural pools at Black Rocks make for a wonderfully uncommon spot to take a cool and refreshing dip while adventuring around the island.

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