A Perfectly Cloudy Sunset in Saint Martin

Clouds tend to wreak havoc with all aspects of sunset enjoyment, especially when the fluffy puffs take leave of their usual lofty perch overhead, turning dark and stacking up along the horizon to form a billowing barricade shielding nature’s great show.

I’m generally not so good with clouds that conspire against my sunset fun in this fashion, though not in the case of the scene above.

This was the sunset view I enjoyed on the first evening of my last visit to Saint Martin. From the shores of the newly-revamped Hotel Mercure Marina & Spa, my home on the French side for the next few days, the shrouded sunset and calm seas calmed the slight jitters I felt over what was to come the following day.

The Road… Bacchanal… My first-ever Saint Martin Carnival.

You wouldn’t think I’d be phased having thrived through endless hours of fete and fun during the granddaddy of all Carnivals in Trinidad just a few years prior.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the course of my somewhat limited (so far) Carnival carousing experiences all over the Caribbean, though, it’s that every single celebration is different in their own special way. I had an idea what to expect, but the thrill of the unknown elements I was hours from discovering had the butterflies dancing inside me.

Those hopeful rays of sunlight reaching skyward from behind the clouds and the calm bay beneath it all helped to put me at ease.

So, how did I make out on the streets of Marigot? Check back later this week for full details on all the fun…

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