Sweet Memories of Home at Pinel Island, Saint Martin

Certain images are so magical, so persuasive in their ability to reignite old emotions, sensations, even smells that the mere sight of them demands of you to stop whatever it is that you might’ve been doing and succumb completely to its charms.

This is one such image to me… in more ways than one.

I snapped it just a few days ago shortly after casting off from Pinel Island en route back to mainland Saint Martin. The crowds that had packed the beach earlier that afternoon were long gone, leaving the intoxicating radiance of the day’s fading light to be enjoyed just by us few.

I had never been here before, yet it was all too familiar.

A sweet salt spray in my face, cool breezes kissing my sun-burned skin inciting uniquely tropical chills down my spine, a soulful smile stretching across my face – it was all so reminiscent of the countless journeys home following full days of fun at Buck Island back home in St. Croix.

This boat ride was much shorter, though no less sweet than the Buck Island runs of my youth.

Magically, both experiences come rushing back to me when I look at this image, the sublime scene taking me back to two cherished places at the same time.

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