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Best Spots to Experience Stunning Sunsets in St. Thomas: Photo of the Day

Small (just 31.24 square miles), hilly, and lying in close proximity to a scattering of smaller offshore rocks and islets, St. Thomas presents a wealth of idyllic vantage points from which you can enjoy some absolutely stunning sunsets. The island’s wide assortment of seaside bars and restaurants adds even greater options.

So, where should you go to experience the best, most stunning sunsets in St. Thomas? We asked a couple of friends with uncommon knowledge on the subject for their input….

First up, my good friend, Winston Brathwaite, an old schoolmate from St. Croix who now lives in St. Thomas. His bar/restaurant suggestions, in his own words…

Island View Guesthouse comes to mind. Great views and awesome steaks. Mafolie and Mountain Top are reliable stand by’s. And Oceana is nice – right on the water and close to town with good seafood. And Havana Blue, one of my faves. All are nice places to take in the sunset. There’s no shortage of places with great views on St. Thomas.

Away from the bar/restaurant scene, Winston offered the following…

The best spot might be Drake’s Seat next to Drake’s Castle overlooking Magen’s Bay. Not a restaurant, just a nice spot with benches and a phenomenal view.

All of that sounds great, but for an even more uncommon experience, you may want to follow the advice of another UC friend, Mat Probasco. A freelance writer and former reporter with the Associated Press and The V.I. Source, Mat suggests that the best sunset experiences in St. Thomas are actually found off-island…

In St. Thomas, the classic sunset spots are actually on Water Island – Honeymoon Beach. It’s loaded with history and has a killer sunset. Catch the ferry from Tickles and walk over the hill, or bum a ride on a golf cart.

Having never set foot on Water Island, I must say that Mat’s suggestion is a must for my next visit to St. Thomas. If you have any other great sunset spots in and around St. Thomas that we shouldn’t miss, clue us in by leaving a comment below.

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*Lead photo credit: Hiral Gosalia via Flickr.

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