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On-Site Tobago: Exploring the Romantic Myths of the Nylon Pool

Nylon Pool, Tobago/SBPR

This place is magical.

A shallow oasis of warm and caressing currents, sunny skies and sandy footing, the Nylon Pool is a favorite stop for visitors to Tobago. It’s located just a mile or so offshore, between Pigeon Point and Buccoo Bay, and sits in the middle of Buccoo Reef, which is actually a series of five flat reefs covering 30 square miles.

The surrounding reefs are blessed with 40+ coral species and the hordes of tropical marine life that rely on them. No doubt, it’s a fantastic snorkeling site, but the real magic (especially for lovers) lies in the sandy Nylon Pool area…

I got to check it out for myself last month while traveling with a group of other journalists, all of us guests of the Trinidad & Tobago Tourism Development Company. As I noted before, such group trips do not always yield the best or most uncommon experiences. Our stop here, though, was a nice exception.

We arrived around 3pm just after a late lunch. The warm sun was beginning to dip slightly. Kite surfers danced over the sea nearby.

Best of all: there wasn’t a single other boat around.

Johnny Jet (left) hangs with friends at Nylon Pool, Tobago/SBPR

Having the Nylon Pool all to yourself has got to be a bit of a rarity, owing to its insane beauty and immense popularity. We took full advantage, of course, wading, playing and laughing amid one of the Caribbean’s most sublimely sybaritic settings for a good 30-40 minutes before any other boats happened along.

The surroundings were amazing, but like most of the truly special travel experiences I’ve had, it was the company that really made my Nylon Pool excursion great. It’s not every day that you get to hang out in the middle of the sea with such noted travel media glitterati as Johnny Jet (, JD Andrews (, Lily Kosner ( and Eric Wechter (

Smart, funny, warm and genuine, these are some of the best travel companions I’ve ever come across on my journeys. I HIGHLY encourage you to check out their sites and/or follow them on twitter.

Anyway, getting back to the magic and romance, as the legend goes, the Nylon Pool carries mystical powers that can benefit you in the bedroom, and save even the most troubled marriages! Benefits accrue to men, women and couples as follows:

Now, there wasn’t any kissing among our group. I don’t recall the women reporting any anti-aging effects either.

As for us guys… well, some secrets of the Nylon Pool are better left to the imagination…

If you’re heading to Tobago and want to put the Nylon Pool myths to the test for yourself, check in with our friends at Tobago Waterholics. These guys put on a good time for those who like their Soca and Hip-hop music loud, their rum punch strong, and their boat travel fast! They can hook you up with coastal tours, like the one we enjoyed, jet ski rentals, fishing trips, scuba excursions, waterskiing, and more. Click here to visit them online.

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