Moving Back Home – Hillside Homestead in Northern Trinidad

Moving Back Home to the Caribbean (Maybe Even to Trinidad)

Ever think about moving back home?

Like anyone originally born and raised in the Caribbean who now lives elsewhere, it’s a question I get asked all the time. It’s also a question that’s not as easy to answer as some may think.

Hard Island Living

Certainly great weather, unparalleled natural beauty, beloved cultural traditions, friends and family all present strong arguments for moving back home to the islands. Life, though, I mean real living in the Caribbean is not all beach limes and lazy afternoons.

Many of the creature comforts so many of us have grown accustomed to here in the States are just not available at the same level in the islands. This is particularly true in my native U.S. Virgin Islands. There, despite the fact that the letters “U” and “S” stand for “United States,” as in the United States of America (you know, world’s richest, most powerful country), remarkably, embarrassingly residents still lack reliable and affordable water and electricity.

Water and electricity!!!

So yeah, minor little things like that keep me here in Florida. In Florida where I’m content to enjoy semi-regular Caribbean jaunts. Where any dreams of moving back home stay tucked neatly away in the far recesses of my mind. Neatly tucked away, that is, until I happen upon a view like that pictured above.

Ideal Island Life + Views

I snapped the image while exploring the northern hills of Trinidad. Immediately upon seeing it on my camera’s LCD monitor, I felt the desire to settle back where I belong.

One solitary home seemingly carved from the rainforest into the mountainside; one lonely palm tree at its side. The image is inspiring in and of itself.

Now consider the view:

View facing north from Paramin Mts, Trinidad | Photo by Steve Bennett

Moving back home looks pretty good, right?

This is what it looked like from my vantage point, a good bit to the east. From the house, I imagine the view carries the eye directly in line with the small islets trailing north. Just gorgeous.

I was only here for a brief few moments, but the encounter left an indelible mark. 

Would I Consider Moving Back Home Here?

You better believe it!

If you’re interested in relocating to Trinidad & Tobago, there, of course, a series of rules and regulations that you’ll need to follow. Check out the online resources at for more details.

Who knows, maybe we’ll be neighbors in a few years!

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