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Post-Hurricane Irma Healing on Cinnamon Bay, St. John

Caribbean beaches like Cinnamon Bay, St. John are known for their healing properties. Just looking at an image like this brings to mind previous soothing plunges here; sunrise, sunset, and midnight strolls along these sublime shores; and countless other restorative escapes to this the most virgin of the U.S. Virgin Islands. The healing inherent in this particular image, though, extends beyond the usual beachy comforts. What you see is St. John, itself, healing following the passage of Hurricane Irma some six weeks ago. The island’s iconic hills, long protected as part of the Virgin Islands National Park, were brown just days ago, Irma having made off with nearly every leaf. Now, as you can see, the green is coming back again. Trees along the shore still bear a few of Irma’s scars, but the natural recovery is well underway, a sure sign that we’ll all be able to find relief in St. John once again real soon…


*Photo credit: UC fan, master photographer, long-time St. John resident, and Hurricane Irma survivor, Steve Simonsen.

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