Malecon House Vieques from above

Malecon House Vieques – Checking Into South Coast Style

Finding a great place to stay in Vieques isn’t as easy as you might think. At least it wasn’t for me when I happened upon Malecon House Vieques.

This particular little adventure went down in October 2022. You know, near the peak of Hurricane Season. In other words, not exactly prime time for a visit.

As elsewhere across the Caribbean, some small hotels and guesthouses were closed for the season. Even so, I’m not sure that I would’ve had an easier time if my visit fell on a more travel-typical time of the year.

Vieques Places to Stay

Vieques, you see, doesn’t have any major hotels or resorts. There are no sprawling all-inclusive mega-resorts here. Only smaller, boutique-style properties and loads of Airbnb/VRBO options.

Malecon House Vieques
Malecon House Vieques | Photo by Steve Bennett

This usually suits my uncommon travel proclivities just fine, of course. In Vieques, though, most of the options just didn’t seem all that appealing. In particular, El Blok, the most popular (newest?) hotel in Vieques just… ummm… yeah. Let’s just say it didn’t appeal to me. As our friends at Condé Nast put it…

El Blok’s curving, concrete, Brutalist-style building looks like it crash-landed from outer space, and its otherworldliness sets it apart on the island of Vieques.

Sets it apart, though not in a good way, if you ask me. No thanks. Not for me.

Just down the street from El Blok, though, Malecon House Vieques espouses a different vibe. One that’s in keeping with tranquil Vieques’ laid back nature without selling things short when it comes to elegance and style.

Best Vieques Hotel

My bed at Malecon House Vieques
My bed at Malecon House Vieques | Photo by Steve Bennett

There’s an airy, beachy feel to Malecon House that I found utterly relaxing. Light earth tones – light cherry, khakis, pale greys, and ocean blues – bring the beach inside guest rooms.

White-washed exteriors are highlighted by blue accents, mocha-brown patio seating, and lush green surrounds.

The property’s black pool and palapa-style patio umbrellas further underscore Malecon House’s elegantly exotic aesthetic.

Malecon House pool
Malecon House pool | Photo by Steve Bennett

I mean, the whole place just oozes a very knowing, self-assured sexy-chic. The kind that requires no boasting or over-exertion to make people understand. You just feel it spending time relaxing here.

That goes double if you’re lucky enough to find yourself staying in one of Malecon House’s Ocean View Deluxe King Rooms. These elevated accommodations offer nice views of the bay that fronts the south coast town of Esperanza. This includes the offshore islet of Cayo Afuera and some of the sweetest sunset views that Vieques has to offer.

Cayo Afuera/Cayo Real
Cayo Afuera/Cayo Real, Vieques | Photo by Steve Bennett

Of course, you also get a slightly elevated view of the Esperanaza Malecon from which Malecon House derives its name. You won’t, however, likely bare witness to the Malecon’s wild party side. That’s because Malecon House is located at the far eastern end of the Esperanza Malecon. The loud bars that give the area somewhat of a party reputation lie at the opposite end of the street. Closer to El Blok.

Yeah, another plus that makes Malecon House the best place to stay in Vieques for me.

For reservations and more information on Malecon House Vieques, visit them online. When you do, be sure to tell them that Uncommon Caribbean sent you!

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