Vieques Palm Tree Swing

Vieques Palm Tree Swing Moment of Zen

There isn’t much beach to speak of along the section of Playa Esperanza that runs beneath the Malecón on the south coast of Vieques. I mean, the water’s nice. What little sliver of sand that persists here, though, is mostly overrun with rocks. Not smooth beach pebbles. Big, sharp rocks. Yeah, you shouldn’t expect to stretch out on a beach towel here. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t sit near the surf and enjoy a sweet slice of beach zen. The Vieques Palm Tree Swing makes it easy…

I captured this zen moment on the morning of my last day in Vieques (October 2022). The afternoon scene at the Vieques Palm Tree Swing, though, is no doubt more epic.

Esperanza, you see, is a prime sunset viewing spot in Vieques. During my short stay, the sun set each day right over the far off hills pictured just behind the palm tree.

Swaying astride the waves while watching the sun set over those hills is a zen moment I just gotta experience! 

This is one moment of zen that’s definitely to be continued…

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