🇻🇮Water Island

Sunset At Dinghy’s Beach Bar, Water Island

You may come to Dinghy’s Beach Bar to forget things, as I’ve opined in the past, but if you stay long enough, you’ll always remember the sunsets here. Water Island is so small that there really isn’t a bad spot to take in the end-of-day spectacle. Still, at Dinghy’s, the show is extra special. The vantage points for optimal viewing are many. There’s the beach, of course, with loads of chaise lounge chairs and umbrellas. Then there’s the bar itself, where a cozy side counter just above the sand seems tailor-made for sunset viewing. If you prefer enjoying your sunsets in the sea itself, Dinghy’s has a floating bar in the shallows just offshore. Of course, if you have your own boat, even better. Imagine it’s just you and your best friends lounging about the deck, 900 horsepower of outboard engines at the ready to take you to another idyllic islet the following day. Don’t be surprised, though, if you never want to leave. Indeed, sunset at Dinghy’s Beach Bar is that sweet.

Wish you were here..?


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